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Alrighty then!
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So the time has come to say farewell to the number one hiperactive ninja
from Konoha, as the manga has ended, and so did his journey.

My opinion about the ending: It was Great! It gave a good closure for most of the main characters.

It was good to see all the characters finally finding happiness after all the struggles they went through.

But Despise that many seem to be upset with the ending, for "obvious reasons".
The self entitled "majority" of Sakura Naruto shippers say many
things from bashing Hinata's personality to Kishimoto's logic.

narusaku, naruhina, sasusaku or whatever you preferr, let me make something clear:
If the character is happy, the REAL fans of the characters are also happy.
These characters are not puppets people should live out their own fantasies with.
Fictional character have their own feelings are dreams, because we create them with these.
Saying that a character would be happier with someone you preferred is simply childish.

As a writer, I can tell that characters that I created are real to me,
because I know everything about them, even the things I can not write
down due the limitations of time and words.

So I can tell that there is absolutely no such thing as "He should've ended up
with her instead of her" in real life. What about the off-screen character
development? These characters follow their own feelings, their own experience,
not what the readers suggest.

You say Kishi is illogical, I tell you, that you never really saw that there is
no difference between Naruto's platonic love for Sakura and Sakura's platonic love for Sasuke.
Both are superficial "young love", while true love needs to be deeper.
While Hinata's platonic love for Naruto is based on her admiriation of his strong will, that
also inspired her. Anyone who says that Naruto's platonic love for Sakura is closer to what
true love suppose to be than Hinatas love for Naruto is crazy.

I once studied a hungarian poet who "fell in love" with an actress, and wrote poems
about her (without naming her of course). When she was told, that she inspired those
poems, she read them and said. They are really beautiful... but they aren't about me,
that's not who I am. The poet fell in love with an illusion that he created about his
platonic love.

We fall in love with the soul of someone, not their appearance.
Sakura never opened up to Naruto, so there never was a chance to develop
the platonic, "I fancy you" to real "I love you" feeling, while on the
other hand Hinata was always more open about it what effect Naruto made on her life.

I don't really want to waste much more time on this than on any other pairing war.

If the characters are happy, so is every of their true fan. I know I am.

See you all!
  • Mood: Adoration

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I'm curious, but do you also do comic commissions?
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I am surely listening to different requests that are not listen on the price chart. It's just that the price of a comic depends on various things. If you are interested send me a dANote about the details of what you are thinking and what budget you have for the project.
sapphirelink Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Ah, I really don't have a comic commission idea in mind, I was only curious if you did it or not.
AruneProject Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Professional General Artist
Welcome to the crew. :3
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Thank you! It's very nice of you! Hmm.. maybe I should say that :D Welcome!
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lol I know you've been with the game a lot longer than that though it was just really nice to see so many new monsters.
RobertFiddler Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Yes, I just had to take a break to concentrate on college and job. But I'm done with all my exams two weeks before the next semester starts so I have a little extra time to finally draw. Thank you very much! Your monsters are very awesome too! :D
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